2021 Graduates Day of Updates & PIT Teacher Training Tips ,Vancouver

Solely for those that have attended a Master Class.
A one day "Mini Master Class" where Dr. John Lyftogt shares his latest PIT knowledge. Guidance in teaching PIT also given.
Cost: US$440
Maximum number of participants: 15

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3, Canada

Monday 21 June 2021

Meeting Room: Steveston F.   Start time 9am, end time 5pm approx.  

Bring your pathology and be prepared to be a "model"! This will be a hands-on,practical day as much as possible.  For those that are interested in teaching PIT in the future, this workshop will offer the opportunity to "have a go" at teaching while you treat, with tips and guidance from John. 

To register, make payment and fill out the standard "Master Class" registration form below  - but please note that for this event there will not be any certificates or T-shirts provided; nor will there be a group dinner organised. There's no need to fill out the "clinic information" as that is already recorded.

Hotel-Airport shuttle available (arrange in advance or pick up the "hotel shuttles"  phone at the hotel shuttle area at the airport upon arrival). 

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10 years of Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment workshops!

10 years on, over 50 Introductory workshops and 40 Master Classes have been held in 17 countries.

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