The first Advanced Cliical Skills Workshop completed!

The first Neural Prolotherapy Advanced Clinical Skills workshop held recently in Honolulu was a huge success!

The first Advanced Cliical Skills Workshop completed!

Posted by on 23 April 2014

A fabulous group of eight doctors from 5 countries spent 2 1/2 days learning intensely in a clinical situation ; an awesome sharing of knowledge by Dr John and fabulous advancement of skills by the physicians. This will be repeated! 

Similar to a Master Class but shorter in duration and with more participants, this workshop aimed to lift the participants skills and understanding to a new level, and certainly "hit the mark".

Dr Lyftogt's next teaching event is in Ferrara, Italy, on May 9th-12th. We are very much looking forward to this premier event with over 30 doctors from all over Europe and beyond!

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