Lyftogt NPT Master Class Testimonials

  • This Master Class was a great course. John was very clear as always about his new discoveries and how to apply them.  It was simply amazing to experience how John keeps working to learn more and improver the theory and the practical usage of Lyftogt NPT/neural prolotherapy injections. Every one with any interest in helping people who suffer from pain needs to take John's Master Class course.    Irwin Abraham MD, New York City    
  • Since my journey with John Lyftogt 's neural prolotherapy 10 yrs ago, which is now known as perineural injection therapy my practice has changed dramatically in the way I manage acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries as well as different sporting injuries in particular golf injuries , where I have a special interest in. The Masterclass that I attended most recently has further enhanced my PIT technique with John's latest discoveries. John has been tireless in teaching us and has been amazing. With his techniques I am now able to treat conditions such as compartment syndromes that have been unsuccessfully treated conservatively . I have had referrals of conditions that prp, stem cells have been used unsuccessfully and yet PIT has been successful . I can thoroughly recommend this Masterclass to any practicing prolotherapist. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to have met and learnt PIT from the master himself John Lyftogt and now have the tools to help relieve people from their sufferings. Dr Michael Oei, Sydney, Australia

  • I enjoyed my learning experience with John very much. I learned more than I could have in any seminar or workshop because we had so much one-on-one time with the Master himself. I came home with clinical skills that I immediately put to use. I had been using NPT for at least 1 year before I went to the Master's Class and found that a number of hard to treat cases were easy to treat when I returned. Dr. John gave me the exact guidance I needed to bring my skills to a whole new level. Dr Laurie Steelsmith, ND, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • Starting the day I returned from Seattle, I put into practice the new protocols we learned from the first patient on. I was really happy to improve a chronic pain patient who walked with a cane and had no standing balance enough to to successfully put on his pants while standing. I am not sure who was shocked more! He then forgot his cane and walked out. For the three days that I was in Seattle, I felt honored and privileged to be with a group of people who were not only extraordinarily caring but who were also very passionate in their search to find anyway possible to resurrect souls from the hell of chronic pain syndromes.  John, your story of a simple injection into your leg that turned into this treatment is a remarkable achievement. Your humble nature hides the impressive nature of your discovery. Dr Andre Panagos, MD, New York City, USA
  1. After attending Dr Lyftogt’s Master Class, my treatment outcomes truly moved to the next ‘level’. While I utilise a number of approaches in the management of patients with musculoskeletal pain, this treatment now plays an integral role. It is a powerful but low-risk intervention that has been the ‘breakthrough’ treatment approach for many of my patients with complex or recalcitrant pain presentations, finally allowing them to enjoy life again. Dr Bruce Jones, MD, Queensland, MD, Australia

  2. The master class helped accelerate my palpation skills and overall comfort with treating patients. Since the master class my business has grown with patients who I have been able to improve and/or get them pain free. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to incorporate NPT into their practice to take the master class. It has allowed me to have a tool where I don’t fear treating pain patients. Dr Brenden Cochran, ND, Seattle USA
  3. I had high expectations with the Masterclass and they were well and truly met. I have been to many workshops and conferences but none was quite like this.The course was very detailed , went through all of the treatment protocols, dealt with the phsyiology , addressed detailed functional anatomy and surface anatomy and we were able to discuss specific patient presentations.John was amazing . He gave of himself tirelessly . It really was an NPT clinical smorgasboard . Overall it was an exceptional time.  Dr Murray Grave, MD, Victoria, Australia

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