In Memoriam: Dr Jeff Patterson

J. Patterson, DO, professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Family Medicine, was the Hackett Hemwell foundation’s director. Together, the members of the Hackett Hemwall Foundation ( dedicate their time and services to provide high-quality medical treatment to people around the world who are otherwise unable to afford medical care.

In Memoriam: Dr Jeff Patterson

Posted by on 5 February 2014

Jeff Patterson died unexpectantly from a heart attack on Thursday 23th January 2014. The world of prolotherapy has lost an unequalled innovator, consummate teacher and passionate leader in the battle against chronic pain. Jeff fully expressed his deep respect for humanity in his life, his patients, his relatives and his friends. Jeff was a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and an internationally recognised expert on Nuclear Proliferation and weapons.

Under Jeff’s inspirational guidance the Hackett Hemwell Foundation expanded with yearly missions to Mexico and Honduras allowing thousands of patients to receive free highly effective prolotherapy treatments for a large variety of chronically painful conditions. In the challenging field of research into clinical treatments for pain HFF took the lead with a recently published Randomised Controlled Trial on Prolotherapy for Osteo Arthritis of the Knee showing clinically meaningful sustained improvement of pain, function, and stiffness scores for knee osteoarthritis (Rabago).

The HFF conducted yearly scientific and clinical teaching conferences in Prolotherapy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. These conferences were well attended and highly successful in establishing Prolotherapy as a meaningful and serious treatment for chronic pain.

Jeff Patterson was very much interested in the developing field of Neural Prolotherapy. He supported the use of the name Neural Prolotherapy in recognition of Hackett’s first use of Dextrose injections for painful conditions in 1962.

Jeff would always entertain in finding amusing explanations on the internet for life’s many trivia questions. He could also recount an endless string of amusing and insightful anecdotes on the human condition from his work as a Physician. We will be forever indebted for his gentle support and friendship.


Dextrose Prolotherapy for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

David Rabago, MD1 Jeffrey J. Patterson, DO1, Marlon Mundt, PhD1, Richard Kijowski MD2

Jessica Grettie, BS1, Neil A. Segal, MD, MS3, Aleksandra Zgierska MD, PhD1


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